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Extreme Cheapskate - Vegan Edition!

So, I found myself hours deep into an Extreme Cheapskate marathon and I started really paying attention to how some of these participants simply ask brands for coupons. I never really stumble upon coupons for my favorite vegan brands so I thought I'd ask!

I focused my emails on larger brands. I received coupons via snail mail from Follow Your Heart and via email from Sweet Earth Foods. Field Roast encouraged me to sign up to their email list for occasional coupons. Beyond Meat sends you a $2 coupon via email for subscribing to their email list. MorningStar Farms, Gardein, and Upton's tells you straight up that they don't send coupons so don't bother asking. I signed up with Violife to receive offers in my email and gain points on their site.

Here is a sample of the email I sent to Follow Your Heart:


I am writing to you today to simply let you know how much I love your non-dairy cheese, specifically the smoked gouda. I've been vegan for 11 years and the one thing I missed was smoked gouda. So happy that you carry it!

I would love to know if there is any way that you can send me some coupons or otherwise put me on your mailing list for future coupons so that I may try more cheese and other products that Follow Your Heart offers.

I look forward to hearing from someone.


Dia Hancock *Insert Mailing Address*

The email was simple, to the point, and did the trick. I know vegan goods add up in my cart! I thought this was interesting and had to share it with friends. Let me know if you try it or which brands I should reach out to next.

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