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About Kale Von Celery

Kale Von Celery is a vegan business owned and operated in the DC Metropolitan Area by me, Dia Hancock. Although it was officially founded in January 2020, Kale Von Celery has been a seed planted for many years. Kale Von Celery started as a food page on Facebook where I would occasionally share my experiences at vegan restaurants and post about a new recipe I tried at home. As my career interests shifted from videographer to purveyor of vegans goods, I turned my ten-year journey in veganism into a business of doing what I love, cooking and sharing vegan food. The goal of Kale Von Celery is to always leave people saying “OMG, this is vegan?!” while they eagerly come back for more. 

What's to come for Kale Von Celery? Vegan meal prep and continuing to encourage a vegan lifestyle in the African American community & beyond.

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